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Monday, April 18th, 2016

Due to the advanced technology, everything around us is becoming easier but a little more complicated. Everything is upgrading even locks and evolving. When it comes to locks, there are now digital locks that are becoming more popular than the traditional locks. Not only are they a better choice, they can also provide better convenience and provides better security. But there are still few people who prefer to choose the Traditional Locks. The Best Locksmith Sydney CBD is going to give you the advantages and disadvantages of the Traditional and Digital Locks.

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Locksmiths Sydney CBD | The Digital and Traditional Locks

Since locks have two types nowadays, it doesn’t mean that the other is much better than the other. These two types can still perform best according to use. There are still people who prefer the traditional locks that is why here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of these two locks to help you decide for your next lock.

Best locksmith Sydney CBD ‘s Advantages and Disadvantages of Traditional and Digital Locks

Digital Locks

Traditional Locks





  • No Keys Needed!

If you usually have problems with lost or damaged keys, then with the digital locks, you will never have a problem again.

  • Pin Codes.

They may have no keys, but they have pin codes. And if you forgot your pin code, then that could be a big problem for you.

  • Not run by Electricity!

When there’s a power interruption, your digital locks may not run properly unless you have a backup generator. But with the traditional locks, there is no need for electricity.

  • Keys!

Keys are advantage and disadvantage at the same time. You can always keep them with you, but if lost or damaged, can become quite the problem.

  • Impossible to be Picked

Since digital locks do not require keys, they are quite difficult and impossible to be lock picked. The are also made of advanced technology which makes lock picking impossible.

  • The Safety from Pin Codes

The pin code can be safe, but if there are other people who know the codes, then it will be easier for them to enter your home. You should be careful to whom you give your codes to.

  • Key Duplicate

Once your keys are lost, you can easily have a duplicate, compared to digital locks which might require reprogramming that can be expensive and might take a long time.

  • Easily Picked

With great technology, there are equipment that can be used to easily pick the traditional locks.

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of the digital and traditional locks, you can choose the best lock that suits your home perfectly.

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