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Friday, January 15th, 2016

When hiring a locksmith

When was the last time you’ve ever hired a locksmith? If you have ever had a lockout, lost or broken keys, automotive lock problems and even break-ins, chances are that you’ve hired Locksmith North Sydney to help you with replacement or repairs of keys and installations of new locks and alarms. The question is, is there a risk of safety when we are hiring the locksmiths?

Locksmiths are technically the people who are trained to work with locks. The usual understanding of most people about locksmiths is that they only break locks and provide assistance to people during problems with their locks and keys, but other than that they also provide safety and security. So, can you trust hiring Locksmith North Sydney with handling your locks and keys?

Locksmith North Sydney | Is it Safe to Hire Locksmiths?

Reasons why Professional Locksmith North Sydney are Safe and Important


  • Locksmiths are trained Professionals. They do their jobs to help people and provide help. Professional Locksmiths use their skills and talents to help the community and avoid more problems. If you want to increase your security and safety, don’t hesitate because the best and Professional Locksmith North Sydney will give you the required assistance. They provide professional assistance for your lock needs, be it a key situation or lock installation.

Licensed and Certified

  • The Locksmiths are given their license because the authority knows that they can be trusted and they can be helpful in cases of emergencies. If you are looking to hire a locksmith, this is one thing that you should look for as the license will prove that a locksmith can be trusted.

Trusted and Reliable

  • If there are intruders in your home, you’ll immediately call the authorities. Other important people to call are the professional locksmiths. If the robber has destroyed your locks, you will be vulnerable for the night. The only people you can trust and rely on to are the people who are trained to increase the security and safety of your home by providing you with better locks.

Skilled and Knowledgeable

  • With their skill, they can install locks properly and they’d know which type of locks are best for your doors and windows. With the proper installation and with the appropriate locks, your securities and safety will be increased

Know more about the Best Locksmith by watching our Video here:

If you still think that locksmith can’t be trusted, you’ll know their worth when you need them. And when that time comes, The Best Locksmith North Sydney will be there to give you the help and assistance that you need. Of course, it is necessary to give your trust to the best, so hire the best also.

Locksmiths do not only offer services, they also offer quality products; locks and keys and other security systems. Not only can you rely on locksmiths to fix and repair your locks and keys, you can also ask them for quality equipment that will help increase your security at home. The Best Locksmith North Sydney is one of the leading providers of quality products and services, we also offer 24-hour locksmith services during emergency situations. They pride themselves with professional assistance for every client’s needs.

Best Locksmith North Sydney can help you whenever you need a locksmith. Whether you need to install a new alarm in your home or have your locks replaced or repaired, we guarantee that you can rely and trust Best Locksmith. Not only do we have great services, we also offer quality products for your needs.

Locksmith North Sydney | Products and Services

Best Locksmith North Sydney ‘s Products


Locks – Locks are your first line of defense. With the help of technology, locks have improved and become more and more advanced over the years. There are different types of locks that you can use in your one, from traditional locks to modern and digital locks.

Security Systems – Security systems are used to increase the security in our homes. They are used for monitoring or to scare intruders. There are smoke detectors that you can use to detect if there ‘s fire in your home. There are also motion detectors that will sound the alarm if an intruder is detected.

Here are Few Types of Locks

  • Padlocks

    • Padlocks are the most commonly used locks. These are detachable locks with a U shaped bar hinged at one end. These locks are used in outbuildings like storage areas.
  • Deadbolt Locks

    • Deadbolt Locks are usually rectangular and have no spring action that becomes locked against end pressure when fully projected. These types of locks are the most common locks in households since it offers a good security.
  • Electronic Locksmiths

    • A more varied type of digital lock that comes in many forms such as a keypad, fingerprint entry, card access, electronic key and other variations. These locks might be a little expensive but can offer a great protection. They are commonly used in offices and corporations, they are also great for your home if you have valuable items.

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Locksmith North Sydney Alarm Installations

Individuals surmise that having alarm installations at home is a bit much. Cautions are really critical in keeping your home, resources, and family safe. The Best Locksmith North Sydney is going to give you reasons why you ought to have an Alarm Installations in your home. Other than the main reason which is, for your safety, there are still many reasons why you an Alarm Installations.

Best Locksmith North Sydney ‘s reasons why you need an Alarm Installations in your home

Additional Safety and Security

  • The principle capacity of alarms is to keep you safe, whether from flame or interlopers. Alarms will caution you if there are perils drawing nearer. A smoke caution will be actuated if it detects smoke and it will alarm you if there is any flame in your home. The sensor caution will keep interlopers and hoodlums far from your home. They will be enacted when there are individuals entering in your home in a suspicious way: like entering from the window or not allowed section from the entryway.

Large Reduction of the danger of burglary

  • When you have alarms in your home, thieves will be frightened to even get near your home. In the event that they realize that there is an alarm installed, then they would never at any point consider going into your home since there is an extraordinary danger that they will be gotten into. Likewise, with the assistance of alarms in your home, there will be a quick response from the authorities. Dissimilar to if there are any instances of robbery and you don’t have the alarm at home, despite everything you need to snatch your telephone and dial the cops which could require significant time and the robber may be gone when they arrive. Yet, when you have alarms installed, there is a framework connected to the cops which will alarm them upon alarm actuation. They will have the capacity to react quickly, not giving the robber time to get away.

Increased Family Safety

  • Sometimes, the criminals caught by a relative may hurt that family member just to get away. We don’t need that to happen. With alerts at our home, we don’t need to risk getting our family hurt by criminals. Never risk your family’s safety again by having alarms installed in our homes. This will without a doubt alarm hoodlums and would keep our family protected and secured.

In this day and age, we are dependent on technology; from the innovation of computers down to digital locks. Almost corporate places and even houses have installed digital locks. You may have hired one of the locksmiths North Sydney but have you learned about the perceived advantages and disadvantages of digital locks? Locksmith North Sydney’s Digital locks are unique, keyless, and programmable locks that can be used to secure your home and office.

Locksmith North Sydney’s pros and cons of using digital clocks


  • Keyless feature. The biggest problem that arises from non-digital locks is that the owner tends to misplace or lose the key. There are also times when the owner keeps a copy of the key under their mat, letting the burglars come in and out of their house freely. With digital locks, you don’t have to make copies of your keys for backup.
  • Changing codes often for security. With digital locks, since it is a programmable lock, you can change the codes often when you feel someone knows of your PIN.
  • Pickproof. Since there is no need for a key with digital locks, this prevents break-ins since burglars are unable to pick the lock.

You can check out our video below to learn about the 3 types of Digital Locks:


  • PIN code can be forgotten. This is a problem with digital locks. There are high chances that you might forget your own PIN. This can happen during emergencies or when you are rushing.
  • Having an easy-to-guess PIN. We tend to choose the easiest combination of numbers or letters for easier access to our home. This is inadvisable since there are burglars who can guess your PIN.
  • Digital locks can be rendered useless without power. At the event of an unexpected power failure, digital locks may be rendered useless. This can leave your door completely locked throughout the power failure or worse, not locked properly and left open, giving an open door to burglars to do as they please. However, most digital lock systems have a battery backup system.

With the vast change of technology, perhaps switching to digital locks will not be a bad idea. The important thing is that your home or your business’ possessions will be kept safe from burglars. Best Locksmith Sydney is known to be one of the best locksmith North Sydney and we are more than happy to entertain your questions and needs.

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If you want to increase the security in your home, you would want to have a security system installed. Motion detectors are one of the most effective security systems and you can have them installed by the Best locksmith North Sydney .

Motion detectors provide greater security since they are able to detect trespassers and movement inside your home. Once the sensor has detected movement in the area, it will send a signal to your security system’s control panel which is connected to your monitoring center. This will alert you and the monitoring center to a potential threat in your home. If you want to have motion sensors in your home to increase your safety, then Best Locksmith North Sydney will be able to help you with that.

Best locksmith Sydney helps residential areas and offices to have a better security. When there are problems with your locks and keys, the Best locksmith North Sydney will be able to help you no matter what your problem is.

The main purpose of motion detector is to sense an intruder and send an alert to your control panel, which alerts your monitoring center. Sensors work when you are not at home. Some security systems can even be programmed to record events via a security camera when motion is detected.

Here’s Best locksmith North Sydney ‘s Role of Motion Detectors

  • The motion detector can alert you if you want when your children go out at night. You can use this to monitor their activities during their curfew.
  • You can use the motion sensor to trigger the doorbell when a person is detected approaching your front door.
  • The motion sensors can also be used to alert the children when they entered a restricted area in your home.
  • You can also use the motion detector to save energy by using motion sensor lighting in unoccupied spaces.
  • Motion sensors stand guard and ready to alert you in various unexpected situations. This can be useful when you are not at home. It can detect trespassers and alert you wherever you are.

If you want to increase the security in your home, have Best Locksmith North Sydney installed a motion detector now! Contact us at 0431139852!

Electronic Locks are obviously locks that are operated using electricity. These types of locks can either be mounted directly on the lock and are the only security device employed or connected to an access control. These locks are the modern type of locks that offer more protection than the traditional locks. But of course, these locks also have advantages and disadvantages which will be talked about later in this article. If you want to have an upgrade of your locks to Electronic Locks, Locksmith North Sydney is one of the Best locksmiths that provide great services at affordable cost.

There are two types of electronic locks, Magnetic Locks, and Electric Strikes. Magnet Locks have a magnet on the door frame that engages the armature on the door, where they are tightly held together. Magnetic Locks can be easily installed and are also very resistant to damages. Electric Strikes are used as a replacement for a standard strike and the latch and bolt insert directly into the electronic device. If you want to learn more about these locks or want to have them installed in your new home, then Locksmith North Sydney can do that for you!

Here are Locksmith North Sydney ‘s Main Advantages of Electronic Locks

  • Key Controls which gives the owner the ability to add or remove keys without having to incur the expense of re-keying.
  • Fine Access control which means that time and place can be factors in allowing the electronic lock to be disengaged.
  • A record of all activities is kept via Transaction Logging.
  • Electronic Locks are keyless lock systems.

    Here are Locksmith North Sydney ‘s Disadvantages of Electronic Locks

  • The electronic lock may disengage in a power outage, depending on the exact type of system that is used.
  • Sometimes, there is an increased gap size between the strike and the door latch, which can be vulnerable
  • There may be delays in opening and closing of the doors, giving a little time for someone to sneak in.

Electronic Locks come in different types, but it is guaranteed that these types of locks offer better protection than the traditional ones. If you want to upgrade your locks to increase the safety of your home, then Electronic Locks are a good choice. But you also have to make sure that it would be compatible with your home so that you won’t regret the installation of the locks.

If you need the help of professionals for the installation, Locksmith North Sydney is the company you need. Contact us now at 0431139852!

Most people, when choosing locks, pick the more common locks that they know of, overlooking the better locks that are unfamiliar to them. One type of lock that is usually overlooked is the Mortise Lock. Even though you might have heard this from the leading Locksmith North Sydney, it might still be unclear on what exactly mortise locks are.

Best Locksmith North Sydney will tell you everything that you need to know about Mortise Locks and how it is better than other types of locks.

Here’s Locksmith North Sydney ‘s What you need to know about Mortise Locks

Locksmith North Sydney

A mortise lock is a type of locking device that is comprised of a large rectangular body that fits into a similarly shaped pocket called as mortise, which is carved into the edge of the door. The body of the lock houses the parts that actually work the lock, including workings for the knob or handle, latch and deadbolt. When you look at the frame of a door with a mortise lock, you will see a solid metal plate that is flush with the frame and securely screwed in place. Within the plate is an opening, and the locking device on the door usually a thick, steel bolt that slides into the mortise when it is turned with a key. This results in a very secure door.

Here’s locksmith North Sydney ‘s Parts of the Mortise Locks

  • The lock body is the part of the locking device that is actually housed within the mortise bored into the frame of the door.
  • The lock trim can consist of any number designs of doorknobs, levers, handles or pulls which are actually used to open the door itself.
  • The strike plate lines the hole in the frame into which the bolt inserts when the lock is engaged and the door is locked.
  • The keyed cylinder is the tunnel housing the structures that operate the locking and unlocking function of the body.

Pros and Cons of Mortise Locks

Like any other types of locks, Mortise locks also have pros and cons. The biggest disadvantage of mortise locks is that it requires expertise to install it. Since the frame needs to be carved out to accommodate the lock body, familiarity with woodworking and the right tools and equipment are required. The advantage of mortise lock is that it has a superior strength and very durable.

Anyway, everything has its own pros and cons. It just depends on the person to adjust, accept, tolerate, or live with it. Just remember that you have to be wise in choosing locks just as how you choose a partner in your life. For more information, please visit us online. 

If you want this type of lock installed in your home, then hire Locksmith North Sydney now! For details, call us at 0431139852!

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