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The use of locks is believed to have started around 4000 years ago. That can only mean that the earliest need for a locksmith North Sydney emerged around the same time.

Locks back then didn’t have the smooth and efficient finish we have now. In the movies set in the old times, one cause of delay when a chase scene happens is a locked door or gate. This is not an exaggeration because the locks back then were large and not yet refined. They had to use equipment that looked like a giant toothpick just to unlock their locks back then. Imagine the hassle people went through just to secure their property.

Fortunately, a better lock system started around the time of Ancient Greece. This is where the lock and key technology we know today originated. Only the wealthy had access to such technology and it symbolized their status in the community.

Metal locks started to appear around 870 – 900 AD and are attributed to English craftsmen. The lock and key technology started to get better with the rise of locksmiths. A locksmith North Sydney back then was usually responsible for the intricate designs locks had back then. Designs would often include or be inspired with royal crests and symbols. Besides the wonderful lock designs, they also found ways to create more reliable, durable and secure locks and keys.


Back in 1817, a demand for far more secure locks went high as a burglary happened in Portsmouth Dockyard. The British government held a contest to create the most secure lock possible. A locksmith North Sydney named Jeremiah Chubb won the competition after his lock was unable to be picked for 3 months.

The lock and key technology went through more improvements and refinements in order to give security all over the world. However, it is inevitable for things to break and that includes locks. That is why a locksmith North Sydney would need to step up their A-game in order to double the security locks give. Fortunately, throughout years of passing their knowledge and skills, locksmiths have become the best at ensuring security.

Locksmiths today have their own specializations. If you want your business to be secure or if there is a threat to its security, then calling a locksmith North Sydney that specializes in industrial locks. Other locksmiths specialize in a more delicate field, like bank or government security.  This just shows that our locksmiths today can better serve us with their wide skillset for our different needs.