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Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

Locks and keys provide security for our cars, houses, and offices. Don’t you know that locks and keys have a longer history than what you might know? You’ve been using locks and keys for years and you still might not know the history of it. But this time, the Best Sydney Locksmith is going to give you the history of Locks and Keys. It is good to appreciate the history of some things sometimes.

Best Sydney Locksmith is one of the best locksmiths in Sydney that provides great services from solving your key problems with key duplication to the installation of your locks and alarms and repairs. We also take care of your car keys. Other than great services, Best Locksmith Sydney also offers the best lock products from the biggest brand names.

Sydney Locksmith

Here’s Sydney Locksmith ‘s History of Locks and Keys

The History of Locks and Keys go back several thousand years.

  • The first models of wooden keys and locks originate from Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians first managed to take advantage of falling pins to control the movement of the security bolt. The bolt could be freed from the locked position by inserting large and cumbersome wooden key into the lock and manually lifting it upwards, displacing the pins that were held down by gravity.
  • The Roman Age brought many improvements upon the original Egyptian lock designs but the expensive nature of the locks, their inability to sustain large external forces and easy picking made them a symbol of wealth, influence and nobility. Small keys that are made from metals like iron, bronze, silver, and gold were often viewed as one of the most effective ways of publicly showing your wealth.
  • With the arrival of the 19th century and the great expansion in industrial manufacture new metal processes better tools and better expertise, locks and keys have become better that provides better security. Countless inventors focused their careers on solving problems

Best Sydney Locksmith today

Best Sydney Locksmith is your best partner whenever you need help with installation, repair, replacement or improvement of your locks and keys. We have the expertise, experience, and knowledge in handling all types of locks and keys be it traditional or modernized. We have studied everything about locks, from their history to the more complicated designs of locks today. We provide the most effective and efficient services to satisfy and give convenience to our clients.

Technology has offered us lots of important things to make our tasks easier, make our lives more comfortable and keep us safer. The old stuff we used to have are being changed since they have already become lesser useful and duller. In our homes or office, what keep us safe are locks, and the older locks and keys we have, the lesser safe we are. With the blooming era of technology, we now have better locks that provide better security. And on top of Sydney Locksmith and Locks providers, there is Best Locksmith Sydney.

Sydney Locksmith | The Best Modern Lock

In Best Sydney Locksmith Services, we dedicated our lives to providing better security for our clients. From our services to the products that we offer, we only provide the highest and the best quality there is. And one of the best products that we have is the modern type of locks, digital locks. The new trend is this, and almost all houses are changing to digital locks.

Reasons why you should also change your locks by Sydney Locksmith

A Safer Home with Better Security

  • Digital locks’ one advantage is that it cannot be picked by burglars or intruders. With this type of lock, you do not have to worry about burglars entering your home anymore.

Lost Keys? Lose the keys!

  • Unlike the old traditional lock where you have a key that you might lose, digital locks don’t. Keys are one of the most common problems encountered by people who still have traditional locks. Not only are they lost, they also malfunction at times which can be very annoying.

Easier Access for the seniors

  • Since keys may malfunction at times, elders who still use them get stressed or irritated. But if you have digital locks, then the elders in your home can easily access the doors without stress. Digital locks are the best for our elders!

For Additional design

  • Since locks are modernized, even their designs have become way better. With digital locks’ great designs, it can add great style and modern look to your home.


  • The best thing about digital locks is that you can keep a log of whoever entered your home. This will help you monitor your guests or if there are uninvited guests.

Sydney Locksmith keeps up! 

Since technology is advancing over time, Best Lock Smith Sydney is also developing. It is true that the business is still evolving. But, we are glad to tell that the Best Lock Smith Sydney has been keeping up with the fast pace of life. This is one of the many reasons why you should choose our locksmith services. Be with us as we thrive for more years!

Modern days offer better technological equipment to keep our lives easier. The Best Locksmith is the most updated locksmith service provider in Australia, so if you need any help with your locks, just contact us here!

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