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Congratulations on successfully planning a long-awaited vacation! Enjoy the relaxation you deserve after the longest work hours, but don’t forget about the things you will leave behind. From hiring a Sydney Central locksmith to the simplest yet effective instructions, we have the tips you can follow in order to ensure the security of your home.

Now take a deep breath and shake off the worries you have in mind. Here are the best tips you can do before leaving for a vacation.

  1. Hold mail and newspaper delivery.

Nothing screams “no one is home” better than a packed mail box or newspapers stacking at your doorway. Before leaving for the vacation, double check if you are expecting a mail on the dates you will be gone. If none, then you can inform your post office to hold your mail. Ask your newspaper delivery service to resume on the date after your return.

  1. Make sure your locks are in a good condition.

Days before your trip, check if your locks are working the way they usually do or if it is doing the job it is supposed to do. If you notice something is amiss, then don’t hesitate to contact a Sydney Central locksmith.

Extra tip: Losing stuff while on a trip can happen! Imagine walking to your door only to realize your keys are missing. To prevent this from happening, you can go to a Sydney Central locksmith and have your keys duplicated. Give a copy to at least two family members.

  1. Don’t announce your trip on social media.

As much as you want everyone to know about your exciting trip, you should refrain from posting or even dropping hints about it. If someone with a bad intention happened to see a post about your trip, then it already opened a window of opportunity for them.

  1. Install alarms.

To make sure that your home will have more than one wall of defense, install alarms near your doors and windows. This will alarm your neighbors that someone is trying to break into your home. Alerted surroundings will mean that the robber’s plan has been foiled.

Have high quality alarm systems installed by a Sydney Central locksmith. Also, inform them that you will be out of town. If alarms are triggered, they will know that it is not by accident and will take immediate actions.

  1. Keep your valuables in a hard to search place.

On normal days, most people would just keep their valuables in a hidden place that’s not necessarily a safe. If you’re leaving for a vacation, then you might want to double that protection.

Have a Sydney Central locksmith install durable locks where you usually keep your valuables. They can also offer you a variety of locks you can choose from. Pick a discreet looking lock with a high durability.

          Once you’re done securing your home, you also secured the fun and the relaxation you’ll get from your vacation. One last tip? Make sure that you locked everything before leaving the house. Have a nice trip!