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How is the security of your home today? We can never get rid of thieves on the streets, but you can always do something to get them away. Some people install surveillance cameras to monitor the hotspots of their properties. Meanwhile, others rely on additional locks on their doors or windows. Installation of alarms with the help of Inner West Locksmiths is also a popular option for additional security. However, which of these is the best way to keep your home safe and secure?

Let us evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each security method.

Surveillance Cameras versus Lock Security

Surveillance Cameras

Here are the advantages of using surveillance cameras for your home.

  1. You will be able to monitor whatever is going to happen around your property. If something seems amiss or unusual, you can immediately see the occurrence without having to leave your house. Once confirmed that something bad might happen, you can immediately call the authorities for help.
  2. In the chance that something bad already happened, you will get a chance to see who did it. This will be a great help for the authorities for the identification of the suspects.
  3. Upon installation of cameras, you will notice changes in how people around you will behave. Knowing that a camera will be watching them 24/7, they are more likely to display their best behavior. This will help ensure that your surroundings will leave you feeling safe and protected.

Surveillance Cameras also have their fair share of disadvantages, and you might want to take them into consideration:

  1. Since it will be open 24/7, some of your neighbors might not be happy with being watched. This can become an issue especially for those who value privacy and secrecy.
  2. Having cameras cannot guarantee the prevention of crimes. Most criminals don’t even care when a camera is present. They can easily hide their faces or find blind spots to avoid being caught.
  3. They are costly. Just the cameras alone are expensive and with the other needed equipment, it can be quite heavy on the budget.

Lock Security

Having Inner West locksmiths to install locks for your homes is already a common practice. Not a single house or establishment can be found without locks to protect their security. However, having a single lock is simply not enough with today’s rising crime rates. Here’s what doubling your lock security can do for you:

  1. You will not be an easy target. Since your doors will have more locks, it will not be easy to pry your doors open. Once thieves realize that you made entry difficult, they’ll move on. They often go for those with easy entries.
  2. Having double locks can give you a peace of mind. You can enjoy family time inside or outside your home without worrying about anything.
  3. It is easy to have them installed. Just call your local Inner West locksmiths and they will be there in an instant.

Just like any plans, this has a disadvantage, too. Take note of these shortcomings to prepare for their weaknesses:

  1. You will have to mind the locks frequently. If you’re the type of person who does not want to go through all the trouble of double checking everything, then this might become a chore for you.
  2. In times where you forget to secure the locks or if they still somehow got opened, there’s a huge chance of vulnerability.

This is the same reason why alarms are often combined with secure locks. If there’s a forced entry, you will be immediately alerted.