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Locks provide the best protection for your house and office building. While there are many kinds of locks, one lock is the most common of them all— combination padlocks. A padlock is a great way to secure a great number of different items like bike locks, lockers, chains, fences, toolboxes, latches, and other important items. These locks have been around for quite a long time and are basically smaller versions of safe locks. For the best combination padlock, you can always call Best Locksmith Sydney’s Locksmith Liverpool.

Best Locksmith Sydney’s Locksmith Liverpool is the best at providing high quality combination padlocks. We love to provide you with the highest security through our locks and services. To help you understand how lock works, Locksmith Liverpool is going to give you the parts of a combination lock.

Locksmith Liverpool ‘s Parts of a Combination Padlock

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Shackle or Hasp

The shackle or hasp is the part of the lock that is curved and goes around the loops of a chain or clasp. Usually, it is made out of hardened steel and it is almost impossible to cut with a bolt cutter or hacksaw. Some cheaper models of combination locks keep their prices low by using lower quality steel in the hasp.

Lock Case

The lock case is one of the most important parts of padlocks because it houses the internal mechanisms. The quality of the steel is also a security measure that protects the lock from being broken by a hammer or other blunt force.


The dial is the first thing that you see in a combination padlock; it is location in front of the lock. This dial can be either circular or a combination of thumbscrews that correspond to different numbers. Along the face of a rounded dial are numbers from 0 to 59. You turn this dial to set the tumblers inside into their proper position. It is usually a combination of left turns, right turns, and then left turns.


Tumblers reside inside the lock case; these tumblers are mounted on a cam that is turned each time the dial is moved. A tumbler is matched with a corresponding position of the dial.


No, it’s not the animal. The part of the lock that you can see when you look down into the locking area is called dogs. The dogs are located at small hole that the hasp goes into.

Keyed entry

It is the hole where you insert your key to unlock the padlock. Located on the back of most combination padlocks is a keyed area. This works in the same way a regular keyed lock works.

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