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We put the safety of our properties on the hands of a locksmith Canberra. That’s why it is important to make sure that they are reliable and credible enough to be trusted. Unfortunately, there are locksmiths that take advantage of those who badly need their services by doing the following:

  1. All locksmiths offer free quotation for your convenience. After the consultation, they will give you a specific amount that is the expected expense for the services needed to be done. You hire them, and they get the job done but now they’re asking for double or even triple the price you have first agreed to.
  2. Negotiations on a big project are always leading up to the costs of the services getting higher and higher. They might try to argue that it requires a lot of labor and tools, which is understandable. But why would they need to increase the negotiating price if they know from the start how it should cost?
  3. They make sure a simple job should be lengthy. An example of this is the common “getting locked out of your own house” scenario. It usually just takes lock picking to do the job, but they would go ahead and do some extra stuff that will eventually lead to you paying hundreds of dollars.

These are just some of the many tactics scammers use to take your money. Read on to find out how to find a locksmith Canberra that’s right for you.

Avoiding Locksmith Canberra Scams

Check for their license.

Some states around the world require a locksmith Canberra to have a license to work. This is to ensure that they will be working under lawful and fair rules. This also means that they have proven their professionality and skills as a locksmith. If ever something goes wrong, it would be easy to trace it back.

Look for customer reviews.

One good way to know how their services work is by seeing how their previous customers react. If they have happy and satisfied customers, then it is usually safe to proceed. Make sure to not only look at the reviews on their website, but also the reviews around the internet (e.g. Google reviews).

Their address, contact number, and e-mail address are visible.

Shady locksmith companies usually don’t expose their business details because, a) they don’t have a legitimate one, or b) they can just easily run away just in case their scamming tactics get exposed.

A good locksmith Canberra company’s business details are readily available on their websites and/or google. They do not hide details because they don’t have anything sneaky to hide.

Take a look at the locksmith’s ID and license.

Ask for the locksmith’s ID before letting them start any work. It can also be convenient to let company know that you would need to see ID and any certification that would prove the locksmith is legitimate even before they send him.

Ask for a quick on-site re-estimation.

This is just something quick to determine if the phone estimate would stay consistent with the estimate of the locksmith Canberra on-site. The technician should be able to know the agreed amount and stick to it. If they insist on having additional payment, then there is a huge tendency that it’s a scam.

Bonus: Do not let the locksmith just drill out your lock, because a professional locksmith should be skilled to unlock doors without drilling them out. This is usually a tactic to get them more money.

            Avoid locksmith scam by trusting nothing but the Best Locksmith Sydney. We lock your worries away, because your security is our top priority. Get an estimate by calling us at 02 9898989898.