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During emergencies, many people testified that they couldn’t always rely on their spare key; it could be lost as well or broken. When lockouts happen, the most practical way you should do is to call a Locksmith Bondi but sometimes when you really can’t afford a locksmith or you really don’t have time to wait for them you start to take matters by yourself.

Your door locks are designed to keep you safe and to provide you security and privacy however this feature could sometimes make you unfortunate especially when you lose your key or you damage it. And due to lost or damaged keys, your locked doors will prevent you from entering your home. While Locksmith Bondi will always be there to help, some people would prefer to “DIY” and if you are one of them, then let Locksmith Bondi help you with some tips on how to open your door during emergencies.

Locksmith Bondi ‘s Useful Tips on How to Unlock Your Door

Locksmith Bondi

Use a bobby pin

Use a hair clip

Use a card

You can always use these simple tips to open your door but if you do not want to trouble yourself then it is best to call a Locksmith Bondi. Contact us at 02 9898989898!

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