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Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

It’s just normal for people to forget things such as keys; good thing Eastern Suburbs Locksmith is always available to help you during lockouts. Most people keep a spare key just in case they forgot their main key but often times since these keys are just spares, you also forget where you put them, making them useless. If you’re one of those people who keep on forgetting their keys, worry no more because there are still a lot of ways you can do to prevent yourself from leaving your keys.

Eastern Suburbs Locksmith should top your list of locksmiths, we provide you with a high quality of services and professional locksmiths that will surely get you out of a lockout. If you always find yourself lock with a key left behind here are some tips on how not to forget your keys.

            Eastern Suburbs Locksmith ’s Tips on How Not to Forget your Keys 

Eastern Suburbs Locksmith

Always keep them in sight

  • Never forget your key when they are in sight. If you know exactly where you recently put your keys you will never forget where to get them when you’re leaving. It’s better if you have a place allotted for your keys only, you can hang them near your door so will always see them before going out.

Keep a checklist

  • If you often find yourself keyless, maybe it’s time to make a checklist and grabbing your key should be on top of it. Make yourself a checklist and have a look at it before going out of your house or even your car. You can even set an alarm in your phone just in case you also forgot to check your checklist.

Count your items before you leave

  • If you don’t have time to make a checklist, be sure to make time to count your things before going out. Think of your top three most important things before going out and be sure to include your key.

Attach your key to your most valuable thing

  • Attach your key to your valuable possession that you never forget, could be a phone or a wallet. By doing so you can be sure that your key will never be left behind ever again as long as your wallet or your phone is with you, you’re good to go.

Keep a spare key

  • If you’re sure that whatever you do, you’ll always forget your key then be sure to have a spare key and remember where you put them. Keep a spare key in your bag or outside your door where only you or your family knows. You can also give the spare key to someone you trust and give them a call whenever you forgot your key.

Just ring Eastern Suburbs Locksmith!

Now that you have read the tips, for sure, you won’t forget your keys anymore. If ever that it happened again, remember that we are only one call away. We can get there at any minute and we can get you inside your house quick. It still best to have a backup key though. We offer that kind of service as well. Just ring us!

These are just some tips for you to remember your keys but whenever you fail to grab them you can always give Eastern Suburbs Locksmith to help you with your key situation. Got a situation? Call us not at 0431139852!

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