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Monday, April 4th, 2016

What is Commercial Locks — Master Key System? 

Commercial Locks, The Master Key System provides great convenience especially to huge corporations or commercial buildings with a lot of rooms. Having a Master Key System will make your life easier as it will save you from carrying bags of keys. Sometimes, you may find it annoying if each of the rooms in your building has its own key. You would need to carry lots of keys and every time you open a door, you will need to find the key that suits the lock. This may take a lot of time. What you need in this case is to hire a professional locksmith to have a Master Key System installed in your building.

The Master Key System is a system where one key can open multiple locks in a building. Isn’t that amazing? If you’re not a fan of bundles of keys then this would best suit you. With it, you would not have to worry about the nuisance caused by having multiple keys. You will only need to keep one and you will be able to open multiple doors. So if you want convenience, contact the best Commercial Locks in Sydney now and have a master key system installed in your building!

Benefits of Commercial Locks —  Master System

Commercial Locksmith Sydney | Master Key System

Better Security

  • Since there are only a few sets of keys, then there is a fewer chance that the locks can be opened by stolen keys. It also reduces the risk of accidental opening with the wrong key.

Security Key Blanks

  • A master key system uses security key blanks which are specifically designed keys that can only be obtained from the Commercial Locks that designed the system. Also, the only person authorized for a copy is the business owner.

Few Keys, More Doors

  • With fewer keys, you will be able to access more doors. You can have a set of key for a certain floor and another set for a different floor. You wouldn’t have to have a set of key for each door in each floor. Having few keys to open more doors will provide less hassle.

Records of Holders

  • You will also be able to keep records of the keys and those who are holding them. This will help you monitor and maintain the security of your building and this will help eliminate the possibility of having the keys duplicated.

I know how easy it is to keep just one key. Enjoy the benefits of having Commercial Locks — Master Key System. With this, you don’t have to keep more than one key in your bag anymore. You don’t have to stress yourself hiding too many keys. You can just hide it inside your pocket. That is very handy, right? 

For a more secure building, have a master key system installed by the Commercial Locks in Sydney. Contact us now at 0431139852!

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