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Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

Cars vary from different brands and models and since there are different types of cars, there are also different types of keys which means that there are also different methods for a Sydney Car Key Replacement. You do not always need a Sydney Car Key Replacement but when you do, it is important that you know Best Locksmith Sydney, the leading locksmith service provider not only will they help replace your key but they will also give you the different methods for replacing your car keys.

Sydney Car Key Replacement | Methods of Key Replacement

The Standard Old Sydney Car Key Replacement

The Vehicle Identification Number

  • The VIN will be essential in finding someone to replace the car key. You can either find the VIN on the driver’s dashboard, the front of the engine block, rear wheel well, trunk or door jamb or frame of the car between the carburetor and the windshield washer. If you cannot find it, look up the VIN on the car insurance information.

Car Model and Year

  • This information will let you know the specific kind of key that you need to open your vehicle.

Best Sydney Car Key Replacement Provider

  • Go to Best Locksmith Sydney and we will help you with your key replacement.

The Electronic Car Key Replacement

Insurance or Warranty

  • Firstly, check if the key replacement is covered by the car warranty. If your car is very new, the manufacturer might be capable of replacing the car key.

Best Locksmith!

  • Best Locksmith is another option to have your car key replaced. The best locksmith is the perfect place to have your car keys replaced, with our knowledge and experience.

Get the New Set

  • Visit your local car dealer to get a new set of keys. Although this might cost you, this is not a bad option if there are no better options anymore.

Program the New Car Key

  • After getting your new car key, program the key to your car. You can program them yourself without help from technicians. Instructions usually come with the new set of keys purchased. The owner’s manual will also be very helpful in this situation.

Malfunctioning Electric Car Key Replacement


  • Sometimes, when there’s a malfunction with your electric key, it may be caused by extreme heat or cold. Also, when you go on a run with your key in hand, the sweat can work it’s way there and can cause some issues.


  • The key fob may malfunction when you change or do repairs on the electrical system of the car. Find the manual of the car, and rest the keys according to the instructions.

Battery Replacement

  • Another issue you might encounter with your key is when it is working poorly. In this case, the battery may be getting weaker and you need to change it.


  • Reprogramming can be a little more complicated than resetting and you might need help from a professional locksmith.

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