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Tuesday, May 10th, 2016


Introducing Keyless Door Locks by Locksmith Hurtsville

With the advancement of technology these days, many people are switching from the traditional locks to the modern type of lock, the keyless door locks. But what exactly are keyless door locks? From the name itself, you would immediately think about locks that do not require keys. I know, wow right? you no longer have to worry about your forgetting your keys because all you have to remember now is the code for your door lock. Keyless door locks come in many types, the biometric fingerprint door locks, digital deadbolt locks and the keyless remote door locks. If you want to have these locks installed, then you should hire the Best Locksmith Hurtsville.

Best Locksmith Digital Locks

Best Locksmith Hurtsville is a leading provider of locksmith services that offer cheap, fast and quality services. When it comes to the keyless door locks, we have the best quality products manufactured by trusted companies. Keyless door locks have become popular and they have been used to change the traditional locks. The reason behind this is because the keyless door locks have many benefits that provide convenience to homeowners. Apart from being convenient, there are still a lot of benefits and advantages you can get from having a keyless door lock.

Best Locksmith Hurtsville’s Benefits of the keyless Door Locks

Stylish and Fits any Type of Door!

  • Keyless door locks are stylish with many designs. Depending on the type of keyless door lock that you purchase, the style may be different. But whatever style and type of locks you choose, it would surely fit your door so you can be picky over the lock that you want and we will be more than happy to have in installed in your door! Keyless door lock keeps you safe with style.

Lost or Broken Keys? No Problem!

  • Since there’s no use for keys, you won’t have a problem with losing or breaking your keys. The need for a key is eliminated, and a simple pin code or your fingerprint will be able to grant you access to open your door. That means that you will have no more problem with worrying about key replacement or any other concerns about traditional locks.

Simple Installation

  • Most owners have trouble with the installation of the traditional locks since not all doors fit them. While the keyless door locks are easier to install. It only takes a matter of minutes before you can use your door lock.


  • The keyless door locks can also be programmed with a more specific lock/unlock time, which gives you a higher security. Unlike keys, you can change your code from time to time for a better security.

Switch now by Locksmith Hurstville!

Are you considering switching your locks to keyless door locks now? It probably is the best key to use in these days. If there’s one problem, it would be forgetting your code. Hang on, you can always write down and save your code on your phone, right? Live smart!

If you want to change your traditional locks to keyless door locks, have the best locksmith Hurtsville install your new locks now! Call us at 0431139852!

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